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EMDR for Parents & Caregivers

During the Summer months only, I offer incident-specific EMDR for parents as a more intensive, shorter term service. Please note these appointments are structured very differently from regular psychotherapy or parent coaching:

  • Diagnostic intake appointment (billing code 90791)- 90 min for $600

  • TWO 75-min sessions per week (billing code is 90837). Number of weeks will vary based on the client's presentation.

    • $600/week if paid one week in advance ($300 discount)

    • $450 per session if billed the day of your appointment

  • Unlike family therapy or parent coaching, the parent is the identified patient, and will receive a diagnosis (if appropriate), and treatment plan for these services. 

    • If necessary, part of the diagnostic process may include a session with your child in order to observe your interactions and facilitate progress. Even when this happens, the treatment focus is for the parent, not the child.

  • After 8+ years of working closely with easily dysregulated (read: irritable, combative, at times aggressive) children, I have seen that the cases that fail to progress often have at least one parent who has been traumatized by the experience of parenting their child. Even when these parents seek out their own therapy, it's often not enough to process specific traumatic encounters, such as:

    • Being seriously injured by their child (regardless of intentionality)

    • Witnessing their child seriously injure other family members

    • Their child's suicide attempt

    • Being repeatedly shamed by school staff, healthcare professionals, and family members for their child's behavior

  • Over and over, I encounter parents of easily dysregulated children who haven't been given the space to admit that parenting has been traumatic. This is often the Mt. Everest that parents need to climb in order for their child to finally start making progress in therapy. 

Why I offer this

Who's a good fit

  • Parents who are already actively participating in psychotherapy (preferably weekly) with another licensed mental health clinician, but need an additional time and space to focus on processing and understanding their child's aggressive behaviors.

    • Clients must sign a consent form allowing me to communicate regularly with their other therapist.

  • Parents who have hit a wall in coaching or therapy because…

    • They're overcome with fear when it comes time to set limits with their child (usually because their child has a pattern of meltdowns around limit-setting).

    • They're stuck in a loop of punitive parenting and don't understand why.

    • They have a hard time celebrating their child's progress because they're always bracing themselves for the next relapse. 

    • They have a hard time forgiving their child for previous wrongdoing. 

  • Parents whose angry kid isn't yet ready for therapy, or needs a break after cycling through multiple therapists. 

  • Parents who want me to be their child's therapist, but their child is outside my area of speciality due to age or other presentation. 

  • Are parents/caregivers of my current clients

  • Are not under the care of a licensed mental health clinician 

  • Are not ready to explore their own early attachment patterns (read: talk about your own parents) 

  • Are looking for long-term weekly psychotherapy

  • Are actively abusing drugs or alcohol

  • Have neurological conditions that may make them more prone to seizures or adverse neurological events

If you fall into any of these categories, you may still benefit from EMDR, but I will refer you to another EMDR therapist.

At this time, I am not offering parent-focused EMDR to adults who...

If your family is ready to process stress more effectively, let's get started!

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