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Clinical Consultation Services

Biweekly Peer Consultation Group

This is a free biweekly peer consultation group for private practice owners (both group and solo) whose clinical focus is children and adolescents. This group is limited to Maryland clinicians because part of the goal is to also grow our referral bases and share knowledge of local resources.

We meet virtually every other Monday at 10AM. Please note that the schedule is firm and unlikely to change. 

Attendance and punctuality are essential. Members who are frequently absent or late may be asked to leave the group.

This group is for independently licensed clinicians only and does not count for supervision hours.


My goal in starting this group was to bring together diverse perspectives in the wonderful world of child/adolescent/family psychotherapy. This is not only a place for case consultation, but also for respectful intellectual dialogue. Therefore, this group is not intended to focus on a specific theoretical orientation or modality, but we do require that children and teens be your bread & butter, that you be dedicated to anti-oppressive clinical practices (read: anti-racist, neurodiversity affirming, LGBT+ inclusive, etc), and that you be committed to evidence-based practices. And informally, we ask that you be kind and open to learning from others whose training and experiences may differ from yours. 

Each profession has their own requirements for using peer consultation time to accumulate continuing ed credits. In compliance with the requirements for psychologists, attendance will be carefully documented as well as a summary of each meeting. 

Peer Consultation Group CEU Requirements for Maryland Psychologists (per COMAR

  •  3-6 licensed psychologists must be present

  • Each meeting must be no less than one hour

  • Hours are credited as follows:

    • One CE hour for 7 to 13 hours of participation

    • Two CE hours for 14 to 20 hours of participation

    • Three CE hours for 21 to 27 hours of participation

    • Four CE hours for 28 or more hours of participation


Requirements may differ for other professionals. 

We are currently recruiting new members to join our group starting Monday January 8, 2024.

To be considered, please complete this form.

One-on-one Case Consultation


I offer case consultation for clinicians who are looking to bring their A game to working with angry tweens and teens. Please be aware that these consultations do not count as supervision and I assume no clinical responsibility for clinicians or clients. 

Fee structure (per 30 min)


Independently-licensed (Licensed Psychologist, LCSW-C, LCPC,LMFT) : $160

Pre-Licensed (Psych Association, LMSW, LGPC, LGMFT): $125

Payment must be made in full before your appointment. Click here to schedule.

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