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Therapy for Queer Kids

I (might) know what you're thinking…


"ah, here's another nice cis, het, white (passing) lady who thinks she can take a picture next to a rainbow mural and call herself an ally…NEXT!" ​


But before you leave, I hope you'll hear me out. I can sit here and tell you a story about how my gay uncle inspired me to be more open minded since he came out to me when I was 8. Or about the time I got to attend the White House Pride Party with my best friend who's an expert in the Black Queer experience. Etc, etc…et…f*cking…cetera.


It's no secret that queer and gender expansive individuals, especially youth, have a hard time finding someone who truly knows WTF they're doing.  The labor of finding a queer and trans-competent mental health provider is pretty agonizing. Sadly, therapists who have lived the LGBTQIA+ life are either in short supply or have a months-long wait list.  


If you haven't been able to get started with a therapist who has lived experience, here's how I ensure that we can work well together. 

For starters, my clients will never have to educate me about what it means to be queer and/or gender expansive. When I ask questions about this, it's always to better understand how it impacts them as individuals so that I'm not making assumptions. Also, you can rest easy knowing that you are NOT my first queer or gender expansive client. 


Moreover, I know that I have to do more than slap a pride sticker on my door and call myself an ally. The queer community  has had one too many nice, cisgender therapists who call themselves allies but have never taken a good, long look in the mirror to see their own identities and how their heteronormative biases show up when they work with clients who are different from them. 


And now, my favorite receipt. Allyship is conveyed in actions, not stickers. In 2024, I was honored to be part of Senator Clarence Lam's panel to support Senate Bill 119, which sought to establish gender-affirming healthcare as legally protected healthcare. This gave me the opportunity to speak on behalf of the entire Maryland Psychological Association to state that gender-affirming healthcare was an essential component of mental healthcare.

The path towards competency is an ongoing journey which I know will likely never end. By choosing to work with me, you’re not just finding a therapist—you’re choosing a partner who is dedicated to understanding the complexities of your experiences and supporting you through every step of your journey.


If you’re tired of feeling misunderstood or unseen by healthcare providers, let’s talk about how I can support you or your child in a way that feels truly affirming. Together, we can navigate the challenges ahead with curiosity, courage, and compassion.

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