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Although I started changing diapers and feeding infants when I was just eight years old, my work with children started when I was 19. As a freshman psychology major at Florida International University in Miami, I knew I wanted to start officially working with children as soon as it was feasible. This journey started at a local preschool where I worked as a teacher assistant and quickly gained the reputation of being able to soothe and redirect some of the most "difficult" children. I quickly gained an affinity for the children who would talk back, the ones who didn't want to share, the ones who refused to nap. These quickly became my favorite children, and some things never change. 


I continued to put myself through college by providing private tutoring and substitute teaching. Few challenges in life will test one's love of children--particularly middle schoolers--quite like substitute teaching, especially in a large district in which you rarely visit the same school more than three times. This led to my interest in the field of education. Much to my delight, there were plenty of options to pursue a doctorate in School Psychology which would allow me to work in schools as well as in private practice.


With the support of several mentors, I pursued a PhD in School Psychology at one of the top programs in the country: the University of Wisconsin, Madison. During my training experiences in graduate school, I maintained my reputation for bonding with the children that most teachers (and even my fellow therapists) were ready to give up on. 

As I was finishing my PhD at UW-Madison, I was afforded an opportunity to take an internship in one of my favorite cities, Washington, DC. Here, I continued to look for the most dysregulated, explosive children and committed myself to supporting their development. I later found myself working at a community mental health clinic in Montgomery County, Maryland where I have decided to put down roots. Fast forward to today: a licensed psychologist in the state of Maryland offering teletherapy in private practice, eager to support families in their journey through teenage angst. 


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