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Slow Down Psychology, LLC offers highly personalized psychotherapy for children and teens ages 9-15 in the state of Maryland.

At this time, services are offered two ways: online, or in-home


Online therapy is offered throughout the state of Maryland.


In-home therapy is offered throughout Montgomery County and parts of Howard County.

Photo Credit: Anne Giebel

Services are offered in both English and Spanish.

Specialties include ADHD, Depression, Parent-Child Conflict, and School problems. I'm also a huge fan of working with children of divorce, and children of high achievers.

Sessions typically last 50 minutes unless we arrange otherwise. 

Please be aware that all new clients are expected to commit to weekly therapy until they have made significant progress towards their treatment goals.

Photo Credit: Anne Giebel

Mental health services are an investment in your family's future.

Initial consultation (20 min): Free

Intake session (90 minutes): $500

All follow up sessions (50 min): $275

Additional fees may apply for in-home therapy based on location.

Photo Credit: Anne Giebel

No show fees: A no show is an unplanned absence from our session, a cancellation with fewer than 48 hours notice, or arriving more than 15 minutes late to a session without prior notice. "No shows" are subject to paying their full fee for the session scheduled. 

Clients are expected to keep a credit card on file, and payment is due at the end of each session.

Photo Credit: Anne Giebel

Slow Down Psychology, LLC is not paneled with any insurance companies. 


Clients are automatically given a Superbill once per month so that they may submit them to their insurance company.


Clients with Out of Network Benefits may be entitled to receive reimbursement from their insurance company.


It is the client's responsibility to verify their own Out of Network Benefits, and reimbursement is not guaranteed.

Photo Credit: Anne Giebel

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