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Oh hey, another edgy-looking therapist promising to solve all my kid's problems! How very original.

But seriously, let me tell you a bit about some of my favorite people in the world: Angry kids. The really bossy ones. The stubborn ones. The ones who cannot and will not sit still. The ones who were labeled a "problem child" from the time they were in daycare. A messy puzzle just waiting to be solved.

Photo set credits: Anne Giebel

They usually come to me after cycling through other well-intentioned therapists who struggled to follow the client's lead. This is rule number one in my practice. I don't work as an expert telling everyone what to do or how to think or feel. Rather, I am a collaborator in helping your vision of a healthy family come to life.


This approach is often way messier and necessitates a long-haul commitment. If you're needing a silver bullet or someone to focus on giving you quick tips or strategies, we might not be a good fit (which is totally okay).

You still there? Cool. Here's the thing: behind every (yes, every) angry kid is a family who is collectively burnt out, frustrated, and at times really freaking jaded.


There is no shortage of traumatic stories.


There are parents or caregivers who are tired of reading multiple books that offer conflictual information (and tell them to ignore their kid...ew...).


They've been sticker-charted TO DEATH.


They've read countless parenting blogs that have left them feeling increasingly isolated.


They've been judged by even the nicest healthcare providers and school personnel.

Enter me: Dr. Stephanie.


Human first; Psychologist second.


I don't promise to have all the answers or to deliver some miracle treatment plan that will cure all that ails your kid. I've been around long enough to know better than to over-promise, especially in cases as complex as kids with big, explosive emotions. I also know better than to judge even the sh*ttiest of parenting moves. 


I live for the moments in which I can witness angry kids and their frustrated families find their way back to each other.


It's nothing short of magical.

Healing through relationships is at the core of what I do both as a psychologist and as a human being.


If you're ready for a collaborative experience in which you'll deepen your understanding of your angry kid; if you're ready to heal as a family, then keep exploring my website.


I can't wait to solve this puzzle with you.

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